Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Special Olympics Interview: Blaine von Barta

What is your birth day of your's ?


What is your hobby of your's ?

I work at a vitamin factory.

How do you get selected in the gym ?

As a Special Olympic athlete.

How do you know about the coaches ?

They're very nice.

How did you met these coaches in the first place ?

When I first join Special Olympics.

How do you know Robert in the first place ?

I met when i started powerlifting.

What you two do together ?

We go to the movies, bowling, out to dinner and stuff like that.

Do you have family & What is their name ?

Yes I do, Lydia, John and Rence.

What do you do with your family of your's ?

Hang out.

What do you do be side weight lifting ?

Play soccer, basketball and golf.

Do you have good friends here in lifting ?

Yes, I do.

How do you get in training in fitness ?

With a membership.

What is your comperlitment of you main goal of yours ?

To lift stronger.

Any advice you might give us what we should do in lifting ?

Lift heavy weights.

What do you want to do in winning in Special Olympics ?

Lift stronger.

Any mind set on the gold or not ?

Hell yeah.

What is your the best time for ever ?

My birthday.