Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back From Atlantic City Vacation

Okay. Once about the time, us family like Mark & Lori were talking about, "What vacation? Where we want to go to?" We decided to go to Atlantic City. We started out packing stuff for our vacation for four days & four nights & two nights in another place in New Jersey for listen to 50 & 60 rock n roll show in Parsippany, New Jersey. We went to see a music show there. We saw Elvis & Blues Brother & Lady Dancer. We went to see a car show also. When we walk in to the place, every one was dancing like a storm. They have Dimensions & Kid Kyle, an 11 year old kid who could sing really well. He blew us away & to the fans too! They have 3rd Edition & Duprees were there for both days to listen too!

After that, we went to Atlantic City to play 21 Black Jack. I won some of my money and I lost some money. But I have 152 dollars already. We went to the board walk & we went shopping also & we had a lot of fun & we met new people who we love to see also. That's it. The end