Sunday, July 23, 2006

American Idol Concert

Once about the time, it was my sister Jen. She did check the American Idol website and calling me over the phone saying, "Do you want to see American Idol?" and I said yes, I do. So she call up and when she got some body saying to her, "How much ticket do you want?" So she said "We would like 4 ticket please." So the guy said, "Do you want to meet & greet them?" and she said, "Yes also because my brother Paul Glatzer is the biggest huge fan of American Idol." So she call me saying, "Paul Glatzer, the guy said the meet & greet will start at 3:30." So I told my parents that. They said "Yes. Of cause we will be there." So since we got there on time, waiting and waiting for an hour to wait to meet them in person and I met them all. They signed my picture of all of them and talking to them all and saying "Who do you want to make to?" and I told them what is my name is Paul Glatzer and a couple of them said "Hi Paul" and I said, "I have been voted for you all" and they said thank you and shaking my hand. I made Kellie P smile at me because I made her day with a smile. Then we saw the concert. They were awesome and they rock. Red hot on the ball and I love all the song, especially the oldie stuff and we were enjoying it. The end. Love paul

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Green Socks

Hi everyone, I am Paul Glatzer. My hobby is Special Olympics weight lifting. When my coach was telling us athletes to practice lifting weights, first they got to count which days we practice every month. It really counted when I starting wearing green socks because it give me power to lift heavy weight, like 135 & 125 & 145 & 150 is the top score in bench press because of my green socks did the trick for me. When I feel proud what I did, I don't feel ashamed of it. Because it puts me in good mood with passion in me really made me turn my life around. Since I started wearing green socks for 2 or 3 year's ago, that's why I got gold medal for to feel proud of to make every one to be proud of me what I did in our moment to kept in our mind. Some one to look up to, saying, "How did you got that green socks?" Well, I told them I got it from the mall or maybe my aunt made it for me, and they want to buy it from me so they could feel proud to wear it to get power in side of them too! Also. Love paul