Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Special Olympics Interview: Blaine von Barta

What is your birth day of your's ?


What is your hobby of your's ?

I work at a vitamin factory.

How do you get selected in the gym ?

As a Special Olympic athlete.

How do you know about the coaches ?

They're very nice.

How did you met these coaches in the first place ?

When I first join Special Olympics.

How do you know Robert in the first place ?

I met when i started powerlifting.

What you two do together ?

We go to the movies, bowling, out to dinner and stuff like that.

Do you have family & What is their name ?

Yes I do, Lydia, John and Rence.

What do you do with your family of your's ?

Hang out.

What do you do be side weight lifting ?

Play soccer, basketball and golf.

Do you have good friends here in lifting ?

Yes, I do.

How do you get in training in fitness ?

With a membership.

What is your comperlitment of you main goal of yours ?

To lift stronger.

Any advice you might give us what we should do in lifting ?

Lift heavy weights.

What do you want to do in winning in Special Olympics ?

Lift stronger.

Any mind set on the gold or not ?

Hell yeah.

What is your the best time for ever ?

My birthday.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Wedding in Hawaii, and Coaching

Well, my sister Lisa got marry twice. We went to Hawaii. It was a 24 hour trip. Man it was hot out there & we had my sister wedding & her husband name is Chris. We went powersailing there & shopping there & we ate out a lot with my sister 's friends a lot too ! We went to see the Hawaiian dancers. They were fantasic dancers & they did the stunts too ! That was awesome & after that's it. We went home & the next day after that, my sister lisa got marry again in our backyard. Our dj was Elvis. He & me sang & we were dancing together & the Hawaiian girls came to dance to perform for us. I was dancing with them & was dressing up as Indian chief & Elvis outfit. I played the piano for my sister wedding & every one like it very much. At Hawaii we went since my parent's were asking to come with them at the shop, the people who were on the stage were asking for any one to give free lesson & who will come up? So I got involved in it. I know how to dance with them very much.

In May this year I was coaching my team from my work place of mine, the nursing home team. They play at the marina. The coach gave me the book to keep score to keep track of things. If they don't do well I have been giving them advice . So they took it & they gave me standing obeyion twice. Because I was doing great job keeping score for the other team & they gave me a job to protect their book for my whole life. So I did & he wants me to write down people's name down in second sheet. I stayed until 8:00 & I was there by 5:40 to start by 6:00. I was doing this for two years now ! He was asking me if I would come back next year & I told him Yes I will be there. When they need my help, when my team needs me out there to support my team to do well. If they don't, they won't win the game. I wish if my coach could come out to see me one day, how I am doing coaching wise. Love Paul

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My new niece

My sister Jen had the baby Sarina. Well, I like to be the uncle & I love to feeding her & Taking care of her also. Really made me feel very important for my life & she is very sweet heart to me also when I am holding her. It meant a lot to me being with the mother & the father taking care of my niece. That's really cute & they love having the baby around very much. Love, Paul

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Wedding Singer

Once about the time when I was at ACLD, it mean's like the bosses & Super visers are taking us places & asking us what we want to do. They give us the sheet of paper to circle a choice what you want, like to go to wrestling match or concert or trip like Foxwood's or Atlantic City. I went to the concert at New York City to see the show call The Wedding Singer & it was very great to see. Every one was laughing & cheering & clapping full joy & I saw the American Idol Constantine & he shook my hand. He look really great & I love his performance very much. The end. Love Paul

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back From Atlantic City Vacation

Okay. Once about the time, us family like Mark & Lori were talking about, "What vacation? Where we want to go to?" We decided to go to Atlantic City. We started out packing stuff for our vacation for four days & four nights & two nights in another place in New Jersey for listen to 50 & 60 rock n roll show in Parsippany, New Jersey. We went to see a music show there. We saw Elvis & Blues Brother & Lady Dancer. We went to see a car show also. When we walk in to the place, every one was dancing like a storm. They have Dimensions & Kid Kyle, an 11 year old kid who could sing really well. He blew us away & to the fans too! They have 3rd Edition & Duprees were there for both days to listen too!

After that, we went to Atlantic City to play 21 Black Jack. I won some of my money and I lost some money. But I have 152 dollars already. We went to the board walk & we went shopping also & we had a lot of fun & we met new people who we love to see also. That's it. The end

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Future Mrs. America

Hi my name is Paul Glatzer. This is my first time I am writing about the woman who is going to be Mrs America, Tracy Elliott, also known for my sister Jen Glatzer writing her book about her & I am doing my blog on Tracy also. My first interview. She is very nice and beautiful and I know she is going to win.

Paul: How do you feel to be Mrs. Texas?

Tracy: I love it. I am very excited. I was nervous about the competition, but I really loved it any way.

Paul: How did you got picked to be the one?

Tracy: We had interviews and evening wear and swim wear competition. Then the judges narrowed it down to only five girl's. I got picked number five. Then they asked us each an interview question. They ask me about what would be a perfect family and I think I did a good job answering. It was a good question for me because I love my family so much.

Paul: If you have a crown on your head to be the winner of Mrs. America how does it feel?

Tracy: It would be so exciting. Then I will compete in Mrs. World! But now I am Mrs. Texas America, and the pageant will be in September on television on the We network. I just have four weeks to prepare. I want everyone to know that you are the first person who interview me as Mrs Texas.

Mrs Texas has a web site it is

love paul

Sunday, July 23, 2006

American Idol Concert

Once about the time, it was my sister Jen. She did check the American Idol website and calling me over the phone saying, "Do you want to see American Idol?" and I said yes, I do. So she call up and when she got some body saying to her, "How much ticket do you want?" So she said "We would like 4 ticket please." So the guy said, "Do you want to meet & greet them?" and she said, "Yes also because my brother Paul Glatzer is the biggest huge fan of American Idol." So she call me saying, "Paul Glatzer, the guy said the meet & greet will start at 3:30." So I told my parents that. They said "Yes. Of cause we will be there." So since we got there on time, waiting and waiting for an hour to wait to meet them in person and I met them all. They signed my picture of all of them and talking to them all and saying "Who do you want to make to?" and I told them what is my name is Paul Glatzer and a couple of them said "Hi Paul" and I said, "I have been voted for you all" and they said thank you and shaking my hand. I made Kellie P smile at me because I made her day with a smile. Then we saw the concert. They were awesome and they rock. Red hot on the ball and I love all the song, especially the oldie stuff and we were enjoying it. The end. Love paul